About Wimbledon Village Business Association

About the WVBA

The Wimbledon Village Business Association (WVBA) is funded by the local businesses of Wimbledon Village.  Our aims are to:

a) Promote Wimbledon Village as a commercial centre

b) Promote Wimbledon Village as a ‘visitor’ destination

c) Promote the business interests of members

d) Organise activities for the benefit of members, their customers and other visitors to the Village; and

e) Enhance the environment and amenities of Wimbledon Village.

We achieve this through events, partnerships, promotions and lobbying Merton Council on local issues.




Membership of Wimbledon Village Business Association

Any business operating in Wimbledon Village can become a member of the Wimbledon Village Business Association.

The subscription fee is £120 per annum, running from January to December.

Members benefit from a range of marketing activities and support:

  1. Wimbledon-Village.com: All businesses in the Village are given a basic entry on the WVBA website for free, but members benefit from a more detailed listing including additional photographs and a video and further information about their business. Member organisations can also have events and promotions posted on the News and Events pages of the website.
  2. Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: Wimbledon Village has over 18,000 followers across its social media platforms providing an excellent opportunity for members to support their own SM activity and gain further exposure for their brand
  3. Events:
    • We hold at least 2 informal business networking events per year which provide excellent opportunities for members to promote their business within the Village.  Members get 2 free tickets (worth £30 each) for both the Summer and Christmas events. In addition, the WVBA regularly hosts targeted business seminars to which members are invited on a complimentary basis.
    • Each year the Association organises a large scale consumer event, Christmas in the Village, which attracts hundreds of additional visitors to the area during the crucial festive trading period. Members are invited to participate and marketing support is provided for any promotions being run
  4. Digital Advertising – new for 2019, the WVBA ran a successful digital advertising campaign to promote the annual Christmas in the Village event, which was seen by approximately 250,000 Google users and significantly helped to increase the numbers of visitors on the day
  5. Research: We have conducted several pieces of research on local consumer and businesses demands and behaviour.
  6. Charity Donations. Through our events, we raise monies for local charities
  7. Steering Committee: The Steering Committee lobbies on behalf of the Village on local issues, such as reducing the speed limit, parking and parking charges, the environment and local rates.  One important project was the installation of CCTV in conjunction with the Council and police. The WVBA also gained permission to have Christmas lights and a Christmas tree back in the Village.
  8. Parking: We continue to monitor the effects of new parking restrictions and are in constant contact with local Council and Councillors.  As a result, parking has been restored to Church Road where restrictions had been imposed and the 20 minutes free parking has been reinstated. We are currently campaigning to increase parking places.
  9. Hanging Baskets and Planters: The Association provides annual planting of hanging baskets and tubs in and around the High Street enhancing the Village environment for members and their customers.
  10. Ethical Shopping Bags: We designed and produced environmentally friendly, ethical shopping bags for local residents and customers to use – reminding them to use the Village.


WVBA Achievements

  1. In conjunction with the Council and police we succeeded in getting 20mph implemented and had CCTV installed in the High Street.
  2. We are continuing to monitor the effects of new parking restrictions and are in contact with local council and Councillors. Parking had been restored to Church Road where restrictions had been imposed and that the 20 minutes free parking had been restored.
  3. We provide Wimbledon Tennis flags and increase our promotion of the Village during Wimbledon Fortnight in the Village.
  4. We provide annual planting of hanging baskets and tubs in the Village
  5. We have designed and produced environmentally friendly shopping bags for local residents and customers to use – reminding them to use the Village, and do it in an ethical way!
  6. We organise the Christmas Shopping Day bringing hundreds of visitors into the shops.
  7. We pay for and install Christmas lighting, enhancing the customer experience at a very important time for retailers.
  8. We support the Wimbledon Guild and have raised substantial funds for this local charity over the years.