WVBA Membership '19

Dec 27 2018

WVBA Membership ’19

WVBA Membership '19


The subscription to the WVBA is £120 per annum renewable on 1st January each year, entitles you to:

  1. Website: All businesses in the Village can have a basic entry on the website for free, but as a member, you would be able to have more photographs, a video and additional information about your business. You would also be able to have events and promotions posted on the News and Events page of the website.
  2. Digital Advertising - new for 2019, we will be supporting members with Digital Advertising.
  3. Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: Wimbledon Village have thousands of followers between them and it is a great way to support your brand.  Facebook followers: 3,858   Instagram Followers: 5,048   Twitter Followers: 6,188
  4. Networking Events:  Members get 1 free ticket for the Summer and Christmas Events and discount on subsequent tickets.

For a list of all the benefits of being a WVBA member, click here.

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