Electric Vehicles in and around the Village

Electric Vehicles in and around the Village


Electric Vehicles in and around Wimbledon Village


As the push towards electric and hybrid vehicles gathers pace and new cleaner air initiatives, such as the Central London Ultra Low Emission Zone and toxicity charge are introduced the council is aware that the amount of electric vehicle charging infrastructure will need to increase to meet growing demand and to allay range anxiety.

At the moment there are 21 publically accessible fast charge points in the borough managed by Source London. A further 30 – 35 charge points are expected to follow in late 2017/early 2018 and a further batch of around 30 – 40 charge points in late 2018/early 2019. The council longer term aim is to have around 200 – 300 fast chargers.

The council has also been following the development of alternative options for the provision of electric vehicle charging to residents living in locations with no off-street parking provision, such as socket networks, which can be installed in existing street furniture and therefore may offer an alternative approach to providing electric vehicle charging infrastructure in less busy residential locations. Indeed, the Council has just been awarded grant funding to install a number of these charge points across the borough over the coming year (locations are still to be determined).

The intended approach is to install the equipment in multiple lamp columns in a street to avoid the need for dedicated EV bays.  Access to electricity is achieved through a smart cable (I believe these cost around £450 each). Socket chargers are best suited for overnight charging due to their slower charge rate (8-10 hours for a full charge) and would be available on a first come first served basis, so in areas of higher parking demand there remains no guarantee of being able to access a space near a lamp column.

The Council is also working with TfL to secure suitable locations for rapid charge points. These would allow vehicles to be charged within 15 -30 minutes. However, power grid and equipment requirements are proving to be a significant constraint. This rapid charging capability is particularly attractive to commercial, taxi and car club operators whose vehicles are more extensively used. These will be procured via a framework set up by TfL and operated by equipment providers and will include a pay as you go option.

In response to your specific questions all charge points on the public highway have to be open for all and cannot be allocated to a specific user or property. To access the source London charge point network you currently have to be a Source London member, however a pay as you go option is expected to be available in the near future. What is clear is that in terms of charging infrastructure no one size fits all and that different approaches will be required for different customers

In terms of your specific questions, as usage increases there may become a point, where in high demand areas it becomes necessary to either set a maximum period of stay or request that the supplier modifies the tariffs to discourage longer periods of stay. Not withstanding your specific concerns about the Village charge points I do not believe we have reached this point.

 All open (source London ) charge points can be used by any electric vehicle, including commercial vehicles and car clubs.

The blue city car club is a very new venture, which currently operates with 5 vehicles, as such usage and turn over is low. As a point to point car club it ultimately relies on members moving vehicles around. I will ask Blue City to get one of the vehicles relocated. As more charge points are installed this should become less of an issue..






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