Listed 19th Century Substation Is Fully Restored

Listed 19th Century Substation Is Fully Restored

A Grade II Listed 19th Century electricity substation located on Sunnyside looks good as new following a detailed restoration project initiated by the Wimbledon Society.

The substation forms an important part of the UK’s engineering history as it was one of the first to be installed in the country, distributing power to the people of Wimbledon. It has now been restored it to its original condition, including the paint colour that was carefully selected after paint analysis.

The work to preserve this Village ‘museum piece’ was carried out by engineers from UK Power Network, with support from Merton Council. Trustee of the Wimbledon Society Asif Malik commented: ‘The substation now makes a very positive contribution to Wimbledon’s streetscape, and UK Power Networks deserves congratulations for enabling this.”


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