Restored Toynbee Fountain Officially Opened

Restored Toynbee Fountain Officially Opened

Residents and visitors to the Village can now enjoy fresh drinking water from the Toynbee Fountain after it was officially opened today following a significant restoration project funded by the Heritage of London Trust, in close consultation with Merton Council and the Wimbledon Society.

This Gothic fountain, located at the top of Wimbledon Hill, commemorates Joseph Toynbee (1815- 1866), Victorian aural surgeon and philanthropist, father of the philosopher and economist Arnold Toynbee (d. 1883), grandfather of the historian Arnold Toynbee (d. 1975) and great-great grandfather of Polly Toynbee, Guardian journalist (pictured), who spoke and cut the ribbon today at the opening ceremony.

The extensive restoration project involved cleaning, poulticing, complete dismantling of the fountain and preparation off site, removal of old plumbing, creation of a new concrete foundation, return and re-erection of the fountain, new clean water pipes and new taps!

In addition to being a significant historic landmark for the area, it is hoped that the restored fountain will have a positive impact on the environment through helping to reduce the number of plastic water bottles bought and consumed locally.



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