Sister Nivedita Statue To Be Unveiled

Blue Plaque for Sister Nivedita

Sister Nivedita Statue To Be Unveiled

A statue which commemorates Sister Nivedita, an Irish-born educator and advocate for women’s education and India’s freedom, will be officially unveiled on 1st July at 3.30pm, in Lake Road, Wimbledon.

Born Margaret Elizabeth Noble (1867-1911), Sister Nivedita founded schools in Wimbledon before dedicating her life to India. She has her own blue plaque (pictured) located on our Village High Street. She played a pivotal role in promoting women’s education and was actively involved in the freedom movement. The bronze statue, standing at an impressive 6 foot 2 inches, is located in front of Richard’s Lodge High School For Girls, paying tribute to her legacy as a strong and independent woman educator. It faces southeast towards Bengal, symbolizing the connection between the two regions.

Everyone is welcome to attend the official inauguration. For more information please contact Sarada Sarkar of Sister Nivedita Celebrations, UK.


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